We assist companies to list, launch and expand their products and brands on Amazon.



The team complete a detailed assessment after asking questions about the specifics of your products. This means things like the keywords and category choice which will give you the best chance of success. We’d also agree on pricing for the product on Amazon and we can share with you the Amazon fees to check that all the economics work well. 

Set Up Phase

Assuming the assessment is promising and the economics work, we would move into a set up phase. 

This includes:

  • Amazon Account setup 
  • Product preparation and logistics 
  • Creating Listings for Amazon
  • Launch of products over a 6 week period



Once you are set up, in stock and products are selling, then the focus turns to promotion and doing everything we can to make the sales grow every month. 

Ongoing there is; 

  • Amazon Ads- Consistently driving traffic on the Amazon paid platform.  
  • Customer Service 
  • Inventory management – making sure re-orders happen and logistics work.  
  • Other ongoing promotions to drive traffic and consistently improving listings.
  • Account health – Making sure customer feedback and complaints are managed to ensure the account stays in good health and dealing with Amazon if required