do you need an account Manager?

3 Objectives why you should consider it

First Objective: An Amazon Account Manager provides all the skills and knowledge so that you can skip the learning curves.

There are numerous processes & procedures involved when launching a product on Amazon.  

To name a few, there is the setting up of your account, the listing of your products, launching, optimising, troubleshooting, completing checklists etc. and this is only the beginning. 

Thereafter, ensuring optimisation of Amazon Ads- conistently driving traffic on the Amazon paid platform, handling Customer Services, management of your Inventory, making sure re-orders happen and logistics work. Investigating other ongoing promotions to drive traffic and consistently improving listings as well as ensuring that your account health is in good order and complaints are managed effectively.

To be fair, it is true that many of these processes are done just once during an initial set up, listing and Amazon product launch, however, if something goes wrong it can be costly, frustrating and result in a huge wastage of time.  We on the other hand, are able to quickly take advantage of opportunities and nip problems in the bud.

Second Objective: An Amazon Account Manager, will provide you with access to the best practices and industry developments.

Amazon spends in access of $10 billion annually on Research & Development? We realise that not all of that is directed toward their ecommerce marketplace, but they are renowned for dreaming up new technologies, testing them, and implementing the ones that work. When you manage your own business, handle the deliveries, promote your brand’s, manage your website and all the other necessities involved in running business successfully, it can be quite difficult to stay current with all the changes and industry developments, and opportunities.

From experience, we know that Amazon constantly evolves.  They change their terms of service, search & PPC algorithms, platform capabilities, and launch new programs.

If can be a challenge to keep up with everything if you do it on your own. But when your Amazon Account Manager keep up with all these developments and identifying how these changes could possibly help or hinder your business, you can relax knowing that it is all taken care off.

Third Objective: While your Amazon Account Manager handles your account, it gives you time to focus on finding other ways to grow your business opportunities.

No doubt, Amazon will merely be one of several sales channels for your brands.  Juggling all the required balls at the same time, can be extremely difficult to manage. Growing sales, distribution, and marketing channels are all important factors to consider and this should be the focus of your expertise in your business.

We all know that every effective, sustainable marketing business, never rest on their laurels when it comes to product development. There are always improvements to make, features to implement, new versions to launch, new seasons and trends to consider, new ways to drive down costs and increase profits.

Product and business development, effective ways to drive down costs, new ways to reach more consumers, and increase profits are all important factors of a business. As a business owner, allocating your time and resources wisely is imperative for your health and for the health of your business.


Hiring an Amazon Account Manager, is a smart, cost-effective and revenue-driven idea for your business.

If you’re considering getting help starting on Amazon, or optimising your business, contact us today.

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